An Introduction to SEO and Google Ranking System

16 Apr

Search Engine Optimization - Magnifying GlassLet’s turn our attention to the ranking system and algorithms that Google utilizes in order to determine rankings. In the early days of SEO, ranking wasn’t really as much of a science as it is today.  This is because many of the algorithms used by popular search engines of that day were fairly primitive.  In the mid to late 1990s, as well as on into the 2000s, it was fairly easy for website owners and other Internet users to “game the system,” so to speak.  Their tricks for high rankings represented the dawn of on-page SEO.

Much of what we will discuss here is going to help you to understand why modern day SEO has changed so drastically, focusing a large part of our attention on Google’s Panda and Penguin updates.  There have been other updates to algorithms over the years, and they definitely had an impact on the SEO world as they were rolled out.  As with any change, though, users have been able to adapt, and create new tactics such as building backlinks and developing unique on-page SEO techniques.

These were important changes to Google’s ranking system and algorithms that have forever altered how we utilize SEO.  Before we dive into the complex workings of the new changes; however, you will need to have a fundamental understanding of Google’s original ranking system and algorithms.  This way, you will be able to fully incorporate the new changes into your strategy, understand their impact, and effectively utilize suggested counter-techniques.  To rank high in the Google listings you can use different SEO Tools.

If you are interested to learn more about the SEO world and other SEO tactics there are plenty of blogs and forums which you can visit. These blogs and forums are full of professionals and experienced people from this area. A great way to find them is to search on Google some of the most related keywords such as ‘seo’, ‘seo blog’, ‘seo forum’ or ‘seo tools’.

Some of the best forums are allowing you to register and create your account exactly as you want. This gives you the chance to be a part of that community and engage in real and authentic discussions related to the SEO area. Also, some of the best blogs are ranking in the top of the Google so it’s going to be an easy job for you to find them. It’s recommended to stay away of SEOmoz and any “official” SEO blogs because they are sometimes trying to mislead the readers.